Ethical Voice


In my work as a voice artist, wherever possible, I love to celebrate and promote inspiring, progressive, ethical initiatives. Please find below a list of my favourite charities and non-profits. I love to support organisations like these and after expenses, I'll donate back at least 50% of my standard fee. If you're creating campaigns to highlight environmental, humanitarian, welfare and care charities or non-profits, I'd especially love to work with you...

Action Aid
Marine Conservation Society
Royal National Lifeboats Institute
British Divers Marine Life Rescue
British Heart Foundation
Marie Curie Cancer Care
BBC Children In Need
Family Fund
SCIAF (Scotland's Aid Agency)
Social Bite
Macmillan Cancer Care
Peace Direct


Militarism & Arms Industry
War. What is it good for....? You probably know the song. Aside from the usual debates, I feel uncomfortable with military recruitment ads which attract potential new recruits by highlighting exciting career incentives  - travel, new skills, salary - without giving serious attention to the devastating realities and repercussions of war. I also don't wish to promote militarism or arms trade and wherever possible, aim to support pro-peace, practical, diplomatic activism.

Fossil Fuels & Nuclear
This obviously isn't a clear cut issue. Yet, examples of corporate complicity by big fossil fuel brands in oppressive regimes, human rights abuses and destruction of our environment suggests there's a moral issue with our dependence on this resource. With this in mind, I wish to promote responsible, sustainable alternatives to the destructive extraction of fossil fuels.  Also, the devastating effects of the decades-old Chernobyl disaster are still being felt. So, I also won't directly promote nuclear energy while I remain unconvinced of its safety.

Planet Unfriendly Banks & Building Societies
I prefer not to promote unethical banks which invest in destructive industries like fossil fuels (eg Canadian tar sands) and arms production. On the other hand, I LOVE to support those which promote a clear, progressive ethical policy - eg The Cooperative Bank and Triodos.

Planet Unfriendly Beauty, Household, Meat & Food Products
There are so many fantastic brands out there and I especially love to voice for those promoting earth friendly, free range, organic, vegan and cruelty free products or services. Also, wherever possible, I  prefer to be a voice for brands promoting refills, recycled plastic or sustainable alternatives to plastic  - aluminium, glass and sustainably sourced paper.  In particular, I wish to avoid brands that use excessive plastic packaging for single-use/disposable products. Find out more about our misuse of plastic and learn about the "plastic soup" in our oceans here. 

Thankfully, step by step, the list of amazing ethical products, services and organisations is growing. Meanwhile, I'll continue to question my ethical policy based on new research or information. Thanks again for visiting!  Disclaimer: Nobody's perfect. :)